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Battle Torn Art

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After serving four years in the Marines, another five years in the Navy supported real-world missions and had seen the true price of freedom on the battlefield; I discovered a passion for woodworking as a form of therapy and expression. Having served in combat my worldview had drastically changed, I found myself closed off, angry, depressed and hopelessly lost. Art has given me a voice to express the emotions, thoughts, and pain locked up inside. To share my perspective, find my way back into the community, and hopefully, continue to serve my community.

All flags are made from reclaimed wood, cleaned, hand burnt and sealed. They are a representation of our nation, in our pursuit of perfection we discover how beautifully imperfect we are, how weathered and battle-torn we are and yet how beautiful we are with all of our scars, frays, tatters, and burns. We the people make up this great land and we are the craftsmen charged with its further construction, that we will still brave many more rips, tears, and tatters because we the people believe so deeply that this is what we must do.

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We offer four sizes of flags, along with several additions to include, shell casings, paint, carved stars and custom images. 
S: 13"x24"  $125
M: 19"x37" $250
L: 26"x48"  $320
XL: 3'x6'     $500


We offer three sizes of shields, along with several additions to include various size shell casings, paint, carved stars and custom images.
S: 13"x24"  $75
M: 19"x37" $125
L: 26"x48"  $200


We are always looking for custom creations to bring to life, from barn doors to mandalas we can help bring your idea to life!

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